Haven Facilities

Pontoon and moorings:

One of the original criteria of the Haven was to provide a safe haven from which the local shellfish industry could operate from. Prior to the completion of the Haven, fishing vessels worked from Ventnor Beach.

Fishing was limited, not by the boats capability to withstand big seas, but by the ability to launch each day from a surf beach. During winter swells, fishing would grind to a halt as boats were stuck on the beach for weeks.

Ventnor Haven improved the efficiency of the local shellfish industry with the construction of the Fish Pier in 2007. Tonnage of fish landed at Ventnor now far exceeds many other ports and harbours on the south coast of England. Many fishing boats drop their catch off for wholesale from Ventnor Haven. This in turns supplies many local pubs and restaurants complimenting the island’s tourism industry.


Only limited space is available within the Haven on a first come first serve basis. The Haven dries at low tide so it is most suited to Ribs and small craft. It is not suitable for yachts or bigger craft which cannot dry out.

Anchoring in Ventnor Bay is possible but only advisable in very calm weather due to strong tides and current tides. Please be aware of rapidly changing weather conditions.


The slipway is available free of charge for launch and recovery. Please exercise great care when manoeuvring your vehicle at the top of the slipway and on the slipway itself as it coincides with a pedestrian right of way.

The Haven has a continual through-flow of freshwater from the cascade waterfalls above the Haven. Even the driest summers do not appear to affect this flow of water. A small amount of the water is tapped and is available for haven users via the green hose which runs along the walkway. The water is not suitable for drinking but can be used to wash down vessels.