Sea Safari and Lobsters


Undercliff Discovery
Leaving Ventnor Haven, we cruise south west towards the southern tip of the island.

Discover secret smuggling coves, secluded bays and idyllic Victorian mansions set against the spectacular backdrop of the Undercliff – a series of huge prehistoric landslides.

Further down the coast help us look for our pots. Experience, first hand the thrill of hauling a pot and discover the marine treasures of the deep. Help us empty the pots of crab and lobsters and rebait each pot before it is thrown back. Learn why this method of fishing is beneficial to the island’s crab and lobster fishery and the importance of sustainable fishing methods for future generations.

Fast ride back to the Bay for photos
Hold tight, for a high speed blast back along the coast to the harbour. Cheetah Catamarans are designed and built in Ventnor and are renowned around the world for their excellent sea performance. On the way back to the harbour we’ll call back in at the Bay for a photo stop.

Simply enjoy being out on the water – there is no better way to experience our beautiful coastline.

Departure point Ventnor Haven. For more information ask the Harbour Master or enquire at OceanBlue Quay on Ventnor Esplanade. A public car park can be found beyond the Quay.

Departure times vary according to tide and weather.

Crab and Lobster Fishing – an island heritage
Crab and lobster fishing methods throughout the Undercliff have remained virtually the same for hundreds of years. Today, local fishermen are still landing and selling shellfish at the same beaches and coves along the Undercliff. The majority of the catch is sold locally to pubs and restaurants. Ventnor is becoming increasingly popular for its superb ‘straight from the sea’ flavour and is rapidly becoming known as the seafood capital of the south. Sample our fantastic seafood landed at the Haven and cooked to order at OceanBlue Quay

For schedules and booking enquiries call

01983 852398 or 01983 857444

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Putting out the lobster pots

A female with eggs

Looking back at Ventnor

Fast ride back from St Lawrence

Hauling the pots

Stop at Ventnor Bay for photos